What Are Some Cheats for "Dragonvale"?

What Are Some Cheats for "Dragonvale"?

Cheats for "Dragonvale" include gaining extra diamonds and coins through Twitter, using a friend code on an original account or using three separate devices to rig the game. Additionally, there is a cheat that guarantees a win during a dragon race.

To gain extra diamonds and coins, sign out of the game center before entering Dragon Vale. A notification pops up where the gamer has the option of selecting the Cancel button. Click Cancel, and start a new game through the game center. After, return to the game center, and sign in. Upon re-entering the game, proceed to click on a level. You should then receive a few more diamonds and coins than you normally would.

To earn one free gem without the need to connect to a Twitter account, select the Cancel option when the game prompts you to share the game using your account, but make sure to select the check mark next to the Twitter button.

Upon reaching level 20, gamers can log into a new Game Center ID. After reaching level 10 on the new account, insert the friend code offered on the original account. The new account then sends gems to the original account.

When purchasing a breeding cave on a new Game Center account, tap Purchase in quick succession using three different devices. This results in gaining three breeding caves at once.

To win a dragon race, look at the dragon located closest to the crowd. Quit the race, and select that particular dragon or a one with similar attributes. This allows the gamer to automatically win the race.