What Are Some Cheats for "Dragon City"?


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There are no legal cheats for “Dragon City” that don't involve hacking the online game. However, there are several tips that players can use to their advantage when it comes to breeding new dragons. For example, breeding any two elemental dragons always produces a new type of dragon.

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What Are Some Cheats for "Dragon City"?
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Breeding dragons is the easiest way to get new types of elemental dragons without spending a lot of gems. However, not all dragon elements are compatible to breed. For example, fire and ice, water and dark, and plant and electric dragons cannot be bred together.

The game also encourages players to try combining the same types of dragons multiple times because it often results in a new type of dragon. For instance, when players combine a fire and an earth dragon, it sometimes produces a flaming rock dragon. Other times, it produces a volcano dragon. Unfortunately, players have no way of knowing which dragon types that certain combinations unlock until after they breed them, and some types of dragons have lower breeding rates than others.

“Dragon City” is an online Facebook game in which gamers create their own magical cities, raise dragons and battle against other players. The game features hundreds of dragons to unlock and send into battle. A mobile version of the game is also available for Android and iOS devices.

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