What Are the Cheats for the "Age of Empires" Expansion Trial?


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Some useful cheat codes for the "Age of Empires" expansion trial include "PEPPERONI PIZZA", "COINAGE", "QUARRY", and "WOODSTOCK." These codes can be entered in-game by simply pressing the "Enter" button during a session and typing the code in.

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"Age of Empires" has a slew of cheat codes that can be used during the game, each one resulting in different in-game effects. While there are several codes that are obviously useful to help progress within the game and help build up resource stockpiles, some codes have uses that are a little less subtle. Codes such as "GAIA" will allow players to take control of animals, and while it may seem silly, these animals can be used to clear the map's fog of war and reveal enemy locations. Other codes can be used to make victory an inevitable end, such as "KILL #," which lets the player instantly defeat a specific opponent, and "DIEDIEDIE," which kills every enemy on the map.

Though some may argue that cheat codes ruin the experience, "Age of Empires" and its expansions are notable for their increasing difficulty. For some, using cheat codes may be the only way to be able to enjoy the game when it reaches a higher difficulty level. In fact, if going through the each of the game's levels is too much work, the developers included a game-beating code, "HOME RUN," which literally lets players beat the game without playing another level.

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