What Are Some Cheats for the 100 Zombies Game?


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While there are no official cheats for the game “100 Zombies – Room Escape,” players can find helpful walkthroughs on websites such as CoolAppMan.com, which explain how to solve the puzzles in each room of the game. These walkthroughs can keep players from getting stuck on some of the later, trickier levels.

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“100 Zombies – Room Escape” is a puzzle game in which players must figure out how to open doors to progress to the next room. Touchportal Games released this game for Android on Google Play in April 2014.

Touchportal Games made the first few rooms of the game easy to figure out. In the first room, for instance, players simply have to touch the door to open it. In the second room, they have to pick up the swipe card that is located next to the green slime before they can open the door.

In some rooms, players have to figure out sequences to open the locked door. In the third room, for example, they have to touch the four panels on the left side in the correct order to open the door. The correct order to touch the panels is the top right, bottom left, bottom right and top left.

As of January 2016, “100 Zombies – Room Escape” is completely free to play. There are 70 levels, with more to come in later updates.

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