What Are Some Cheat Sheets for Bridge?


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A book of cheat sheets for bridge is available for purchase through The Bridge Shop's website. No Fear Bridge's website offers a free, printable cheat sheet, while Dummies' website gives a clear explanation of the game and cheat sheets concerning scoring procedures, tips to win the game and proper etiquette while playing.

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To start a game of bridge, one of the participants must shuffle the deck. Every player takes a card and displays; the highest card indicates who is the dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards again and allows the player sitting to his right to cut the deck. The cards are dealt in a clockwise manner, and 13 cards are given to each player.

Players then bid for seven to 13 tricks. Each player has the option to pass on bids, and bidding continues until three players consecutively pass on a trick. The declarer, or the player who bought the contract during bidding, plays the hand. The person to the left of the declarer is the opening lead and reveals the first card in the middle of the table. The next player, the dummy, displays her cards in four rows, separated by suits, and is done for the round; the declarer is now free to use cards from the dummy's exposed deck.

The declarer first plays the leading card in one of the dummy's suits. Players continue to turn in cards to match the suit, and the highest card thrown in is considered the winner. This is continued for all 13 tricks, and after the winning tricks are counted, it is determined if the declarer met the contract by claiming, at minimum, the number of tricks he originally bid.

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