How Do You Cheat With "Scrabble Solver"?


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The website Scrabble-Solver.com allows users to enter in up to 12 different letters and find all word combinations valid for play in the game Scrabble. It allows players to cheat by providing the possible answers rather than forcing the player to user his own knowledge to make a move.

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In the game of Scrabble, each player must place one or more letters onto the game board to create new words based off of the initial word placement. A player forms these words based on the tiles in his possession after drawing from the pool of available tiles. The rules do not allow players to look up different words in order to place tiles, thus making one's vocabulary and language knowledge a key element to the game's difficulty and challenge.

The use of tools such as the one found on Scrabble-Solver.com constitutes cheating because it uses computer algorithms to present the player with answers rather than forcing him to think for himself. Each player earns points according to the value of the letters he plays, combined with any bonuses provided by the game board. Once there are no more tiles left to draw and no more valid words to play, the player with the highest score wins.

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