What Are Some Cheat Codes for "Warship Gunner 2"?


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According to Cheat Code Central, there are no cheat codes for “Warship Gunner 2.” However, the player can unlock certain modes and power ups by achieving in-game goals. For example, the player unlocks the Gravity Shield after destroying 100 super ships.

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To unlock the Breac Wave Gun in “Warship Gunner 2,” players need to complete the game and unlock Special Mission mode. Complete all of the missions on the Very Easy difficulty setting until reaching the final special mission: Defeat The Master of Terror. Switch the difficulty to Normal, and after completing it, the Breac Wave Gun becomes usable. This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, destroying most fleets of ships with a single shot.

To get better rewards at the end of the mission, complete both the primary and secondary tasks during a mission. Players are also required to destroy all of the aircraft and ships and to collect all the bonus items. This results in an S rating and gives the player better rewards. If the primary mission is completed before destroying all of the ships, avoid selecting the withdraw option when it pops up on the screen. Instead, stay on the level until all of the aircraft are destroyed; then choose to withdraw in the options menu.

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