What Are the Cheat Codes for Titan Quest?

The cheat code 373624 unlocks the Armament of Gaul item set in Titan Quest. Four total item sets can be unlocked using cheat codes.

For entering cheat codes into Titan Quest, hitting the escape button and selecting the unlock content button will open the cheat code interface, according to the Gamefaqs website. The cheat code 437626 unlocks the Armament of Germania item set, while the cheat code 925678 unlocks the The Garb of the Great Merchant item set. The Shinobi Shozoku item set can be unlocked by using the cheat code 274267.

Some websites offer Titan Quest trainers, which allow players to level up their players faster. These are fan-created modulations of the game, or mods, that hack the game to give a wide range of benefits to the player. These modifications must be downloaded, however, and there is no guarantee that they are safe or effective.

Some fan-made modulations claim to offer specific benefits: unlock all skills, make player invisible, change enemy behavior, enable super speed, disable skill recharge, remove requirements for weapons, take away all of the enemies health, as well as provide unlimited health, attribute points, energy and gold. These modulations can be found through Cheathappens, a resource for unofficial modulations. Most of these modulations require the installation of a custom interface for using the cheats.