Where Do You Find Cheat Codes for Skylanders Lost Islands?


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Cheat codes and tips for "Skylanders Lost Islands" are available on websites that focus on games, such as Modojo.com and IGN.com. In addition to cheat codes, these websites also provide helpful tips on how to advance in the game and gain rewards faster.

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One way to hasten the time it takes to achieve something in the game is by changing the date and time settings of the device to a few hours or one day ahead, states IGN.com. Once the player goes back to the game, he can collect the rewards immediately or in a shorter time. However, it is necessary to reset the time and date back to the original before proceeding with the game, since the player may lose his progress if it is reset afterward.

"Skylanders Lost Islands" is an educational game in which the player must rebuild Mabu villages after the war with the Kaos has destroyed the Mabu towns and villages. The player uses gold, gems and energy to build houses for the Mabu population and perform other tasks. After reaching a certain number of residents, the player can use them to build social amenities such as banks and post offices. Throughout the game, the player must collect gems and gold to purchase decorations such as roads and trees, or to buy production items, including energy fields and adventure balloons.

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