What Are Some Cheat Codes for Project IGI: I'm Going In?


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“Project IGI: I’m Going In” includes several different cheat codes including an easy mode, god mode and unlimited ammunition. Accessing the cheats requires players to launch the game and type “nada” at the main menu. During game play, players can type the words “easy” to decrease difficulty, “allgod” to become invincible, “ewww” to kill all enemies, “allammo” for unlimited ammunition and “hutid” to receive all weapons.

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Additional to cheat codes, “Project IGI: I’m Going In” also has a few coding adjustments that can be made to change certain aspects of the game, such as causing enemies in the game to act like civilians. This requires a change to some of the game’s critical files and is done by locating and opening the \...\igi\...\commonai\ directory to find the “ai” folder. Within this folder, take note of the file names of all .qvm files and copy and paste them into another folder to be deleted later. Before deleting, copy the “civilian.qvm” file to replace the original files and rename each to match the .qvm files that were moved for deletion. Once every file name is accounted for, the files that were moved can be deleted and, upon launching the game, the enemy should not attack.

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