Where Do You Get Cheat Codes for "Just Cause 2"?


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There are no cheat codes for “Just Cause 2,” but there are glitches that can give gamers an edge in the game. For example, players can get easy ammo by putting the bubble-gun into their gun tab and looking for a small weapon, such as a pistol or sub-machine gun, on the ground. Gamers can pick up the weapon and drop it repeatedly to max out their ammo.

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Players can earn easy money in the game by completing the event located at coordinates X:3632, Y:31521. Once the event is completed, the player earns $20,000. The event can be completed as many times as gamers wish to do it.

To rack up easy stunt points, players need to travel to the entrance of the Panau International Airport with a sports car. Once there, drive to a runway, and wait for a plane to take off. As it does, put the car into stunt position, and use a grappling hook to attach the car to the plane. As the plane takes off, it drags the car. The player continues to earn stunt points as long as the grapple is not released. Gamers can also gain stunt points by driving fast down the middle of the road with cars passing them on either side.

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