What Are Some Cheat Codes for "Grand Theft Auto V"?


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INCENDIARY, LIQUOR and PAINKILLER for incendiary ammunition, drunk mode and invincibility, respectively, are some of the cheat codes available for the Windows version of "Grand Theft Auto V." Home console versions of the game also have cheat codes but require the player to press a series of controller buttons.

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Other cheat codes for "GTA V" for Windows include DEADEYE, CATCH ME and FUGITIVE, which lets players aim in slow motion, run fast and raise their wanted levels, respectively. Cheat codes for spawning in-game vehicles are also available, such as BUZZOFF, COMET and BARNSTORM. Gamers must press "~" or the tilde key in the keyboard to launch the console and enter a cheat code. The player must enter one cheat code at a time in the console.

Gamers who play "GTA V" on home consoles, such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, can activate a cheat code by pressing some controller buttons in a particular order. For instance, to activate the invincibility cheat, press the right, A, right, left, right, RB, right, left, A and Y buttons in the Xbox 360 controller. Alternatively, the gamer can use her in-game character's cellphone to enter cheat codes.

Cheat codes do not work during missions and they prevent players from completing achievements. Gamers must restart the game or load a save file to reset all cheats.

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