What Are Some Cheat Codes for DragonVale?


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Some cheats for DragonVale include the cheat to gain more diamonds and coins, the cheat to get a free gem and the cheat to send gems to an original account. Additionally, there is the cheat to get three breeding cages right next to each other and the cheat to get a dragon to win the race.

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To get a few extra diamonds and coins, start by signing out of game center. Then, enter DragonVale and hit cancel when the prompt pops up. Now go back to game center and start a new game. After signing in, hit "Level." There should now be more diamonds and coins.

To get a free gem, simply don't connect a Twitter account to the game. The game should then ask if you want to add a Twitter account. Click cancel. A checkmark next to the Twitter button signifies that one free gem has been added.

To send gems to an original account that has reached Level 20, first create a new account and reach Level 10 with it. Then, enter the friend code of the original account to send gems to it.

To have a dragon win a dragon race, look at the dragon closest to the crowd before the race starts. Then, quit the race and pick that dragon or one with comparable elements.

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