What Are Some Cheap Backdrop Ideas?


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A few cheap ideas for photography backdrops involve hanging tinsel, crepe paper, wrapping paper, newspaper or shower curtains. Other ideas include spray paint, fake foliage and Christmas lights.

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Purchase tinsel or garland streamers from a party store, stringing them together in alternating colors or materials to create a unique backdrop pattern. You can also hang crepe paper streamers or tape them to the wall to drape down to the floor. Wrapping paper taped to the wall or a foam core is ideal for Christmas, a birthday or another festive event, and arranged newspaper creates a grungy look without distracting from the subject. A shower curtain from the bath section of a home goods store is another alternative.

After using a base of newspaper, crepe paper or another material, add a personal touch with a spray paint design. For an inexpensive fake flower or foliage backdrop, visit a craft store at the end of the season to find pieces on sale. Another option is to string mini holiday lights on a backdrop frame, throwing them out of focus for photos to create a bokeh effect. When searching for a backing for attaching foliage, crepe paper or other materials, consider using chicken wire or another inexpensive fencing option.

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