Where Do You Find a Chart on Knitting Needle Sizes?


Needle size charts can be found on Laughing Hens, Lion Brand and About.com. These sites include charts with similar ranges that allow users to easily convert between metric measurements, American sizes and British sizes.

The chart at Laughing Hens includes hyperlinks on the metric measurements where users can easily search for and purchase knitting needles of that size. The resulting page allows narrowing by brand and size as well as selecting a sorting style and free-enter text. The site also sells patterns, wools, kits and other accessories to fill out users' knitting needs.

Lion Brand sells yarn and knitting accessories, and its website features a needle chart that includes pictures of needles in its inventory so users can visualize the sizes represented by the numbers in the chart. The images include multiple styles of needles, ensuring users can quickly recognize items even in other stores offering different needle styles. Users can also purchase materials, including needles, spools of yarn and patterns from this site. The site also offers a learning center that helps beginners understand the basics of using these needles.

Most retailers list needles by gauge. British gauges get larger as the number decreases, while American sizes get larger as the number increases, and only size seven needles are uniform across both systems.