How Do You Get Charizard in Pok?mon Emerald?

There are two ways to get Charizard on Pok?mon Emerald. Players can either use a Game Shark device to cheat a Charizard into the game or choose Charmander as a starter Pok?mon on Fire Red or Leaf Green and trade it to Pokemon Emerald either before or after evolving it to a Charizard. Both methods require external help because Charizard is not officially available on Pok?mon Emerald.

Charizard is one of the most popular fire Pok?mon in the series, and many players want to use it on Pok?mon Emerald. With a Game Shark cartridge, players can enter a code that spawns a Charizard into their inventory. As there aren't many legitimate ways to gain a Charizard on Pok?mon Emerald, many players accept the Game Shark approach as a viable way to earn Pok?mon that would otherwise be hard to get. Alternatively, players can train up a Charmander from either Pok?mon Fire Red or Pok?mon Leaf Green and then trade it to their copy of Pok?mon Emerald. To trade a Pok?mon, players need a copy of the game they want to trade to, a copy of either Fire Red or Leaf Green and two devices that support both of these games.