How Do You Charge a PSP Using a USB Cable?

The Sony PlayStation Portable or PSP can be charged using a USB cable by simply connecting it to an external device that can power it up. Such devices include personal computers (PC) that support USB mass storage class or any device that allows a USB connection to the PSP system, such as the PlayStation 3 or an HDD recorder.

The following are the steps on how to charge a PSP using a USB cable:

Step 1

Connect the PSP to any of the external devices mentioned above. Most PCs or laptops running Windows or Mac OS are compatible with the PSP.

Step 2

Turn on the PSP. Select Settings and then USB connection. The POWER indicator light will turn orange and the charging process will commence.

Charging the PSP can also be set to automatically start each time it is connected to a compatible external device. This is done by setting USB Auto Connect to On under Settings. While charging the PSP with the USB, the Auto Sleep mode feature in the Power Save settings may not work. In case the PSP is not recognized as a mass storage device by the PC or any other external device the PSP is connected to, try setting the USB Charge option to Off in System Settings.