Who Are the Characters in the "Winx Dress Up" Game?


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The "Winx Dress Up" game includes three characters, Bloom, Flora and Stella. These are the three main characters of the show and usually serve as the faces of all Winx Club merchandise and games.

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Bloom Peters is the main character of the show and often cited as the viewers' favorite. She starts out insecure and unsure of her potential and strong amount of power. This red-haired princess's fiancé's name is Sky, her best friend is Stella, and she displays loyalty as her main personality trait in the show. She also has the ability to manipulate fire and heat.

Stella, the daughter of the sun and the moon, possesses the ability to control the moon's movement and the sun's rays. She is a blonde princess with the power to induce eclipses, her crush is Brandon, and she is known for always being very positive.

Flora has a sweet, shy and calming character. She loves plants and becomes the potion master of the group of fairies. She forges elixirs with her magic to help heal her friends and takes great caution in her actions due to her love of the Earth. She has the power to manipulate the Earth and make plants grow.

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