Who Are the Characters That Represent the Pieces in the Game Clue?


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As of 2015, Hasbro's board game "Clue" features six characters, each represented by a specifically-colored game token. The yellow token is Jack Mustard, the green token is Jacob Green and the purple token is Victor Plum. The red token is Cassandra Scarlet, the blue token is Diane Peacock and the white token is Diane White. Hasbro updated the game in 2008 to give all characters first names. Prior to this, characters had only titles and last names.

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The cast of characters prior to 2008 included male characters named Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green and Professor Plum, while the female characters were Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock.

Hasbro also gave updated backgrounds to each character in 2008. Jack Mustard is now a retired football star rather than a military man. Cassandra Scarlet is an actress, and Victor Plum designs video games. Hasbro updated the characters to make them more appealing to a younger audience but avoided changing the characters entirely to ensure they remained recognizable to older generations.

The updated version of "Clue" features a few additional changes. There are nine possible murder weapons instead of six, and while the game still takes place in a mansion, it has new rooms, including a spa and a guesthouse. There is also an additional pack of cards that was not present in the original version.

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