Who Are the Characters in Mugen?


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The characters in "Mugen" are entities created and customized by users of the game. There are thousands of characters, varying from fighters created from scratch uniquely for the game to others adapted from other popular gaming franchises, books and TV series, such as "Sailor Moon," "The Simpsons" and the "Street Fighter" games.

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Every "Mugen" game is different because users download a game engine and customize it with whatever characters, stages and screens they want. An online "Mugen" community freely exchanges game content, and often, users collaborate to create entire games. Players have a number of directional keys to use for combat and several game play modes from which to choose, including arcade, single, tag, turns, team and survival. In a review in 2008, Games Radar chose "Mugen" as one of the weirdest fighting games of all time, citing the ability of its enthusiasts to create combat mash-ups using characters from other popular franchises.

"Mugen" was first released by Elecbyte in 1999. However, in 2003, the developers discontinued the project before creating a Windows version. Fans of the game continued to work on refining it, producing several unofficial hacked updates until 2009, when Elecbyte updated their website and announced a new official version. In 2011 and 2013, further updates, including a Windows version, were released.

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