What Are Some Characteristics of the Best Gamertag Names?


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The best gamertags are memorable, concise and communicate something about the player. A good gamertag takes elements from the player's name, favorite games and style of play. Humorous gamertags are often the most catchy.

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For example, if a player named Bethany is a fan of first-person shooters and plays very aggressively, "Sudden Beth" might be a good gamertag. "Muffin Man" is a decent option for a player who likes baked goods. Material for gamertags can come from a player's favorite weapon, map, movie or book, and the best tags are often hybrids of more than one of these inspirations. The memorable gamertag "Frodo Teabaggins" evokes both the "Lord of the Rings" series and the popular game practice of teabagging.

One interesting limitation for gamertags is that each one has to be completely unique. Many good gamertags have already been taken and are not available to new players. This problem is most often solved with adding numbers or letters to the tag until it is unique. "Sudden Beth," for example, can become "Xx_Sudden_Beth_xX."

The best gamertags don't contain tag elements such as "MLG," "Sniper," "Pro" and "Quickscope" that have become overused. Creatively subverting these clichés, though, can produce very funny tags.

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