What Are Some Character Races You Can Play in "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"?


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"Skyrim" players can create characters from four different human societies, three elf races, and three sentient humanoid and beast hybrid groups. These varied character races represent the all the major groups of sentient beings featured in the background lore created for the "Elder Scrolls" fantasy game world.

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The human racial choices that a player can pick for a "Skyrim" character include the Viking-like Nords, the native inhabitants of the province that gives the game its name. Players can also play as the Imperials, the most populous human contingent in the "Elder Scrolls" world. Other choices for human characters are the swashbuckling, sword-wielding Redguards and the magic-inclined Bretons.

Players wishing to play an elven race can choose from the haughty Altmer (high elves), who tend to see humans as interlopers in a world that is rightly theirs. The Bosmer are wood elves, gifted with bows and at home in nature. The Dunmer are the gloomy dark elves, a balanced race equally at home with either weapons or magic.

The hybrid, humanoid races in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" include the hulking Orsimer, a brawny half-orc race especially attuned to combat professions. The Khajiit are half-cat and half-human, gifted with both feline gracefulness and sharp intellects. The Argonians are lizard people, a race with a unique aptitude for thriving in the wilds of the "Elder Scrolls" universe.

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