What Are Some Character Classes You Can Play in "Arcane Legends?"


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"Arcane Legends" has three different character classes: Rogue, Sorcerer and Warrior. Each character class provides a different style of play, including close-range combat, ranged attacks and magic-based attacks. The different character classes also come equipped with unique skill sets and combat attacks to allow for full customization to build unique characters for each playthrough.

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"Arcade Legends'" Rogue class uses ranged attacks and relies on higher Dexterity stats for maximum effectiveness in-game. Some Rogue skills include Shadow Power, Noxious Bolt, Razor Shield, Aimed Shot, Entangling Trap, Marked Prey and Shadow Veil. The Rogue’s ranged attacks are beset paired with the Warrior’s strength.

For hand-to-hand combat, the Warrior class is most useful. When building a Warrior, the Strength stat is the best on which to focus. Some of the Warrior’s attacks and skills include Chest Splitter, Skyward Smash, Windmill, Axe Throw, Rally Cry and Vengeful Blood. To aid the Warrior, the Sorcerer has the best set of skills.

The Sorcerer uses magic-based attacks and relies on a high Intelligence stat to be best effective. Using Fireball, Lightning Strike, Frost Bolt, Curse and Gale Force turns the Sorcerer into a long-range attacker with defensive skills such as Arcane Shield and Lifegiver. To draw off enemy attacks, the strength of the Warrior is the best pairing with the Sorcerer.

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