How Do You Change Your Skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

How Do You Change Your Skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

To change your skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition, download the PocketTool app. Then, search online for skins. After finding the skin you want, download, install and change the skin. Finally, reinstall Minecraft.

  1. Download the PocketTool app

    Downloading this app from the app store, it will allow you to choose a skin and add it to the game.

  2. Search online for skins

    By searching online, you can find a skin that's more specific to the one you are looking for.

  3. Download the skin

    Download the skin into the PocketTool app. Then, open the PocketTool app, and click Install Downloaded Content.

  4. Install the skin

    The PocketTool app will lead you to two tabs: Skins and Textures. Open the Skins tab, and tap and hold the skin you want to install. A box asking you if you want to install the skin should appear.

  5. Change your skin

    To change your skin, go to the main menu of the app and tap on Change Textures/Skin. This displays the skin that you are currently using. Search for the skin you want, and tap and hold it. Another box pops up to confirm if you want to switch to that skin.

  6. Apply changes, and reinstall Minecraft

    Tap the top right button in the app, and select Apply Changes. Uninstall Minecraft. Uninstalling Minecraft does not affect your saves. Reinstall Minecraft, and open the game. Your new skin is now ready for use.