How Do You Change Your Skin in Minecraft?

How Do You Change Your Skin in Minecraft?

How Do You Change Your Skin in Minecraft?

Change your skin on the PC version of Minecraft by signing into your Minecraft profile, editing the character's appearance and then uploading the image to the game. You must purchase a valid version of Minecraft to change the skin in the original game.

  1. Login to your Minecraft account

    Log into your Minecraft account with the username and password you created when you first purchased and played the game. If you forgot your username and password, Mojang can email a list of usernames associated with the email you entered. The password can be reset at the Mojang account website.

  2. Create a new skin

    You can make a new skin by downloading an image and editing it. Take one of the provided images, save it as a .png file on your computer, alter the color scheme and then download the new image into your Minecraft account.

  3. Locate websites with premade skins

    Find several websites that have .png files of skins other Minecraft players have made. Mojang encourages you to find various skins on the Internet, even if the original creators did not make them. Look for skins on the Minecraft Skin Studio application on the iTunes website. As of November 2014, the app costs $2.99 and is produced by 57Digital Ltd.

  4. Load and play

    Download the Minecraft skin, and play with your new-looking Steve. The skin changes every time you download a .png file.