How Do You Change Your "Animal Jam" User Name?

How Do You Change Your "Animal Jam" User Name?

To change an "Animal Jam" user name, send an email to Animal Jam headquarters containing your current user name, the email associated with the account and four choices for a new user name. User names must be unique and cannot contain special characters, personal information or curse words.

An "Animal Jam" user name can only change once per account. If you desire additional changes, create a new account for a new user name.

"Animal Jam" is a free-to-play online game with optional paid memberships. The game allows players to adopt and customize virtual pets and use them to play games. The site also features a blog and chat. A paid membership grants access to a wider variety of pets and customization options, as well as members-only activities.

In addition to games, "Animal Jam" also offers downloadable and online educational tools. The "Animal Jam Academy" features videos about animals, printable activities, and coloring sheets. It also posts information about online safety and behavior. The site and chat are moderated for questionable content. As of 2015, the site meets the standards of the Children's Advertising Review Unit's Kid's Privacy Safe Harbor Program.

"Animal Jam" was created by WildWorks and the National Geographic Society.