How Do You Center a Photo Correctly?


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Using Microsoft Word 2013, center a photo by inserting it into the document and clicking on it to select it for editing. Select Format from the Picture Tools menu, and then choose Position. This opens a menu that displays the centering options available. Click one of these options.

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To align a picture in PowerPoint, go to the View menu, and click the Guides box. Select the photo to be arranged, go to the Home menu, and click Arrange and then Align. From there, select the desired alignment, such as Align Center. If there are two or more objects to use as a reference, you only need to click and drag a photo to align it with the guides that appear on other photos.

To align a picture frame on a wall, measure the walls' dimensions and the size of the frame. Note the halfway point on the frame and the wall, checking for the frame's bracket positioning. Referencing the frame bracket, determine where on the wall the frame should hang by following the same distance from the halfway point. Once the point has been determined, insert the appropriate nail or other hanging fixture, and hang the picture frame on that point. If desired, use a leveling device to measure the horizontal alignment of the frame.

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