How Do You Get Celebi in "Pokemon Gold Version"?

The main method for getting Celebi in "Pokémon: Gold Version" is through the Celebi Egg glitch. This method has three requirements: an egg, a bad clone and any five Pokémon.

  1. Correctly assemble the requirements

    The first requirement is to get an egg. You must set up the egg so that upon hatching, it learns Beat Up as its third move. This may be accomplished by breeding two level 57 Sneasels. They must have the same four moves in the same order, with Beat Up in the third position. It is best to acquire a bad clone when your Box contains 15 to 18 Pokémon, or by turning off the game before it saves. Finally, catch five, preferably weak or common, Pokémon.

  2. Deposit the egg, and take the clone to Day Care

    Place the egg into a Box, make sure the five Pokémon and the bad clone are in your party. Next, drop off the bad clone at Day Care, immediately take it back and place it at the top of your party.

  3. Properly shift Pokémon, and hatch the egg

    Use the Move Pokémon without mail option on the PC, and transition the five Pokémon to the top of your party. Next, take the bad clone back to Day Care, and leave it there. Return to the PC, and deposit your first and second Pokémon. Next, withdraw the egg using the Move Pokémon without mail option, and deposit the rest of the Pokémon from your party. Then, withdraw any Pokémon you did not use for the glitch, and walk around until Celebi hatches from the egg.