What Causes an Xbox 360 Keep Freezing?


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There are several things that cause an Xbox 360 to freeze up, including a scratched disc. To determine if the disc is the issue, users should remove it and check for scratches.

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If the disc has severe scratches, users should try inserting another disc to determine if this fixes the freezing issue. When a disc is unscratched, owners can try cleaning it. To clean the disc take a soft, damp cloth and wipe the disc from the center out. Users should never use soap or chemicals while cleaning the disc. After the disc is clean, it can be put into the console to see if the freezing issue is fixed.

The next step in determining the cause of the freeze is to ensure the console is in well-ventilated areas to allow for maximum airflow. Users should also clear all sides of the console.

After placing the console in an open area, users should clear the cache on their system. To clear the cache press the guide button on the controller and go to "Settings." Within "Settings," click on "System Settings" and then "Storage." In the "Storage" screen, highlight any storage and press the "Y" button on the controller. When the screen comes up, users can then clear the cache.

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