How Do You Catch Suicune on Pokemon LeafGreen Version?

Suicune can be caught on Pokemon LeafGreen if the player sends out a Pokemon that has learned Shadow Tag. The player should also use the Master Ball to capture it.

The water-type Legendary Pokemon Suicune only appears in the LeafGreen version if the player used Charmander as a starter Pokemon. Suicune will be roaming around the Kanto region once the game has been beaten, the Elite Four has been defeated, and the player has obtained a National Dex.

This legendary Pokemon has a canine-like body that is sky blue in color with white diamond shaped spots. Its most recognizable feature is its thick and flowing purple mane, with two white ribbons sprouting out of the mane. On the Suicune's head in front of the mane is an aquamarine crest in the shape of a hexagram.

Suicune Pokemon is number 245 on the Pokedex and its entry reads in the LeafGreen version reads, "Said to be the reincarnation of north winds, it can instantly purify filthy, murky water." It has no gender and it does not evolve. Its special moves are the BubbleBeam, which it learns at level 11 and the Hydro Pump, which it learns at level 71. The BubbleBeam is a move that lowers the opponent's speed stat, while the Hydro Pump blasts water at an opponent at high pressure.

The Suicune will be quite difficult to catch because it will try to flee, which is why the Shadow Tag move will make it easier for the player to capture it. It can only be found on grass areas and the player can spend anywhere between five minutes to more than an hour before he or she comes across this legendary Pokemon.