How do I catch Lyogre in "Pok��mon Ruby"?


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The Pok��mon Lyogre does not exist. The Pok��mon Kyogre exists but cannot be caught in Pok��mon Ruby. Kyogre can only be caught in the Cave of Origin in Pok��mon Sapphire. To catch Kyogre, assemble a strong team of Pok��mon, acquire Pok��balls and enter Sootopolis City to access the Cave of Origin.

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  1. Assemble a strong team of Pok��mon

    In order to get to the Cave of Origin in Pok��mon Sapphire, you will need to create a team of Pok��mon that is strong enough to defeat seven gym leaders scattered across the Hoenn region. Having your Pok��mon learn moves that can inflict status condition such as paralysis, a burn, poison or sleep will significantly improve your chances of catching Kyogre. Additionally, the False Swipe move will inflict damage to the opposing Pok��mon, always leaving it with at least one health point and thus never causing it to faint.

  2. Acquire Pok��balls

    In Pok��mon Sapphire there are several types of Pok��balls. The most efficient Pok��balls to catch Kyogre are Ultra Balls and the Master Ball. Ultra Balls are easily obtained from Mossdeep City for 1200 Pok��dollars, so obtain as many as possible. The Master Ball guarantees the capture of any Pok��mon target, and can be found in the Team Aqua hideout in story mode.

  3. Head to Sootopolis City

    After following the story mode and successfully defeating seven of the eight gym leaders in the game, you will receive the Blue Orb and gain access to a new area called Sootopolis City. Upon arrival you will be greeted by Steven and the Eighth Gym Leader who will lead you to the Cave of Origin. Follow the cave to the end and you will encounter Kyogre. First, use one of your Pok��mon to inflict Kyogre with a status condition. After this, use another one of your Pok��mon to weaken Kyogre until its health is almost depleted. Finally, throw either the Ultra Ball or the Master Ball at Kyogre.

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