How Do You Catch Jirachi in "Pokemon Emerald"?

How Do You Catch Jirachi in "Pokemon Emerald"?

Jirachi cannot be caught in the wild in "Pokémon Emerald," and aside from trading with another player, the only means of obtaining him is to transfer him in from "Pokémon Ruby" or "Sapphire." Transferring requires the use of a Gamecube game, though which game is required differs depending on whether you are in the United States or Europe. At a minimum, players need a copy of "Emerald," a copy of "Ruby" or "Sapphire," two Game Boy Advances, a Nintendo Gamecube, a Game Boy Advance link cable and a Gamecube-to-Gameboy Advance connector cable.

  1. Obtain the correct Gamecube game for your region

    Players in the United States will need the "Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc." This disc was only made available as a pre-order bonus for "Pokémon Colosseum," but can be purchased second-hand through sites such as eBay and Amazon. Players in Europe and Australia will have an easier time, as they need only the "Pokémon Channel" game.

  2. Unlock and download Jirachi

    "Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc" allows you to simply download Jirachi directly to "Ruby" or "Sapphire" by way of the connector cable. "Pokémon Channel" requires you to first unlock the full version of "The Pichu Brothers in Party Panic," which is done simply by watching all of the episodes. Jirachi will then be available for direct download to "Ruby" or "Sapphire."

  3. Transfer Jirachi from "Ruby" or "Sapphire" to "Emerald"

    This can be done at the Link Corner in "Ruby" or "Sapphire," but will require a Game Boy Advance link cable, as the wireless adapter was not included with the system when "Ruby" and "Sapphire" were originally released.