How Do You Catalog a Coin Collection?


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There are many ways to catalog a coin collection, from the simple notebook and checklist method to computer software programs. Both methods are convenient, as both allow collectors to track all necessary information with ease. Depending on the chosen method, required equipment includes either access to a computer or a notebook and a writing utensil.

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  1. Get a notebook or spreadsheet

    Decide between a notebook or spreadsheet to catalog your coin collection. If you decide to use a notebook, make columns, heading each one with the information you want to track and record. If you decide to go with a spreadsheet, you can simply add as many columns as you want.

  2. Add the basic information

    Write several headings at the top of each column: country, year, mintmark, variety, denomination or type, grade, quantity, date of purchase, purchase price, date sold and sale price. You can also add any other information that interests you.

  3. Input the data

    Once you have prepared the catalog details, input the information for each coin. Be mindful that the information found on coins differs frequently. For example, while the United States uses letters to denote where that coin was made, Spain uses a system of points on a star. Many coins have a Privy mark, which is a mark that is completely unique to that mint, such as the maple leaf of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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