What Are Some Cat-Themed Games for Kids?


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Some good cat-themed games for kids include Net Pet, Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure and Paw Paw Miaw. From virtual pets to serious cat fights, these games are all free to play online.

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Much like the classic Tamagotchi, Net Pet allows a player to adopt a virtual cat which she must take care of and play with. As the game starts, a player can choose from one of two cat models and name her new pet. She must then see to the cat’s needs, making sure food, water, fun and training are all accounted for. Players can teach their cats commands including “Sit,” Talk” and “Wake up.” A poorly-trained pet acts noisy and rude, so it’s up to players to properly discipline their cats.

Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure takes the form of a virtual board game, with kids rolling the dice to help Fluffy navigate through the kitchen. Landing on certain squares triggers simple mini-games involving shapes, colors and matching. Although the game is not particularly complex, the cute graphics and elementary mini-games make Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure a fine choice for younger gamers.

Paw Paw Miaw is a two-dimensional fighting game in the style of Street Fighter. Players choose from a number of characters and do battle against other cats, jumping, punching and kicking their way to victory. A story mode and a two-player mode make Paw Paw Miaw a versatile fighting game for kids.

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