How Do You Cast Love Spells Using Only Words?

Spells can be cast in a number of ways, including using simple words and visualization techniques. Simply focus on what is desired, and pour energy and attention into the goal, then when ready speak the words of the spell. Keep in mind however that casting love spells on a specific person is often considered unethical, so look for spells which attract love to you in general, to avoid potential complications.

A proper ritual would involve planning ahead of time in order to be as specific as possible. A spell casting should take place in a private and sacred space. In order to prevent negative influence from tainting intentions and thoughts, many witches often cast a circle of protection. A simple method of casting a circle is to imagine a sphere of white light surrounding the caster.

After casting protection, focus of the thoughts and feelings that are driving the spell casting. When a maximum buildup of energy has been reached, it should feel as if the spell is bursting to come forth. At this point, feel free to say the words of the spell, whether pre-planned or improvised, while allowing the energy to flow outward as the words are spoken. Once you have cast the spell, imagine the circle of protection closing itself and dissipating into the ground.