How Do You Cast an Instant Money Spell?

Spells of Magic describes a quick money spell that requires green, red, gold, blue and white candles, a piece of hair from the person who needs money, an altar and a small cloth bag. The ritual takes only about 30 minutes, but the chant should be memorized before beginning the spell. The ritual may work best on a night when the moon is full.

  1. Arrange the candles

    Light the candles, and arrange them in a circle on the altar with the white candle at the top of the altar. Place the hair and cloth bag in the center of the circle.

  2. Begin the chant

    Pick up and hold the hair. Focus on the green candle and say the chant, "With this one strand of hair, I will get wealthy because it's fair, I invoke the spirits and want to say, I need money, O I need it today." Repeat the chant, this time staring at the white candle. Repeat for the blue, red and gold candles.

  3. Finish the spell

    Place the hair inside the small cloth bag and chant, "I will be wealthy, I will be healthy, With this strand of hair, I will get my money, And it will be fair." Carry the cloth bag containing the hair in a wallet, purse or pocket.