How Do You Cast a Binding Love Spell?

To cast a binding love spell, write the two names on a piece of paper; spray with perfume; mix with water, salt, sugar, candle wax and blood; and say the chant while a candle burns. A binding spell works when two lovers have drifted apart. It is not meant to bring together two people who were never meant to be.

The spell should be performed on a Friday night.

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. The supplies necessary to perform this binding spell are:
    • paper
    • red pen
    • favorite perfume of the person performing the spell
    • spring water
    • salt
    • sugar
    • pink candle
    • a few drops of blood from the person performing the spell
  3. Prepare the elements of the spell
  4. Write the names of the two lovers with the red pen on the piece of paper. Tear the paper so one name is on each piece, and spray each with the perfume. Put both pieces in a bowl filled with the spring water. Pour some salt and sugar into the bowl. Prick a finger and put a few drops of blood into the bowl. Light the candle and pour some wax into the bowl.
  5. Say the chant
  6. Stir the mixture from step two while saying the following chant five times:"Something salty, something sweet, this candle burns with roaring heat. As it burns so doth our love. I seal this spell with drops of blood. As I stir this mix together may our souls be bound like leather. If our love was meant to be, may he/she come back. So mote it be."