How Is Cashmere Made?

How Is Cashmere Made?

How Is Cashmere Made?

Cashmere is made by shearing the fur from goats, removing the outer goat hair from the undercoat that makes the cashmere, spinning the fibers into a yarn and knitting these fibers into a fabric. Natural cashmere fibers vary in color and may be dyed during processing to make different colored garments.

  1. Collect cashmere fur

    Fur from goats is collected by shearing or combing to remove the goat's undercoat in the spring when the goats are molting.

  2. Isolate the cashmere fibers

    Sort the collected fur to remove the coarse outer hair, dandruff and any other material. Any remaining hairs are woven into the fabric and must then be removed by hand.

  3. Dye and spin the cashmere

    Dye the cashmere fibers to the desired color, and then arrange the fibers in a web so that all of the fibers are going in the same direction. Place strips of the web into a spinning wheel to twist the cashmere fibers into a yarn.

  4. Knit the yarn

    Feed the cashmere yarn into a knitting machine. Knitting machines can be programmed to create the desired stitches to make the necessary pieces for the garment. Once the pieces are knitted, sew the garment together, and tack the edges. This process stops the garment from unraveling.

  5. Wash the cashmere

    Wash the finished garment with detergent to remove the oils and excess dye from the cashmere. After washing and drying, the cashmere should feel soft.