What Are Some Cartoon Network Games?

Some popular games on the Cartoon Network website include "Wheels of Rage," "Drillionaire," "Sky Streaker," "Legendary Ninja Battles" and "Attack of the Pupppybots." All Cartoon Network game ideas originate from shows on the television network.

In "Wheels of Rage," players control Nicole, the mother of Gumball Waterson from the show "The Amazing World of Gumball," as she must rush home to prepare a surprise birthday party for Gumball. Players utilize the W, A, S and D keys to accelerate, decelerate, turn left and turn right in the car. As Nicole makes her way home, new tasks arise, such as dropping off Gumball's sister Anais at practice or taking Gumball's brothers to the movies. The faster the player completes each objective, the more points earned. If the player damages the car too much, then the game is over.

In "Drillionaire," players operate a drilling machine as Cyborg from "Teen Titans Go!" in search of Beast Boy's friend Terra. Players utilize the arrow keys to move the drilling machine through the dirt while simultaneously pressing the spacebar, and the left or right arrow key fires laser beams. Players gain cash by depositing minerals, such as lead and iron, into the hopper, which players can then use to upgrade their drills, armor, energy, storage or weapons.