What Is a Carson City Uncirculated Silver Dollar?


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A Carson City uncirculated silver dollar is a coin struck at Carson City in the late 19th century, which was never used in commerce. As of December 2014, Carson City silver dollars were valued between $70-106 for good to fine condition coins, with uncirculated ones going for up to $158, according to CoinStudy.com.

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Carson City dollars, also called Carson City Morgan dollars, are some of the most sought-after coins by collectors. The coins were minted between 1878 and 1904, and in 1921. The obverse of the coin, designed by George T. Morgan, features Lady Liberty. On the reverse there is an eagle clutching arrows. Carson City's mintmark "CC" is under a ribbon on the reverse.

Between 1972 and 1980, a hoard of previously unreleased Carson City silver dollars was distributed through mail bid sales. This resulted in arrival on the market of 3 million uncirculated coins, which were desirable for the collectors. The value of a Carson City silver dollar depends to a large degree on its condition and the preservation of the original detail.

The original design includes such fine details as the high cheek of Lady Liberty, and a highlight on her chin. These usually go first as a result of wear. Further wear and thus depreciation in value is marked by disappearance of fine curls and lines in Lady Liberty's hair and other elements of the design, such as cotton blossoms.

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