What Are Some of the Cars You Can Use in "Grand Theft Auto IV"?


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Some cars that "Grand Theft Auto IV" players can drive include the Turismo, Sabre, Sentinel, Willard and Bobcat. Other controllable cars in the game are the police cruiser, taxi, Super GT, Stallion and Lokus.

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The Turismo is a two-door sports car based on the Ferrari 360 and Ferrari F430. The Turismo, which is the second-fastest car in "Grand Theft Auto IV," has excellent handling. The Sabre is a two-door muscle car that incorporates elements of GM, Buick, Chevrolet and Dodge cars from the 1980s. The Sabre in "Grand Theft Auto IV" stands out for its ability to withstand many direct hits; its speed is average and its handling is mediocre.

The Sentinel is a compact two-door coupe heavily based on the BMW 3 Series E46. In "Grand Theft Auto IV," the Sentinel is one of the fastest compact cars; it also has above-average acceleration and handling. The Willard, which is a four-door sedan that resembles a Buick LeSabre of the late 1980s, has great handling and terrible acceleration in "Grand Theft Auto IV."

The Bobcat is a two-door pickup truck that looks similar to a Chevrolet C/K of the 1990s. The Bobcat, a rear-wheel-drive vehicle with manual transmission, is slow but accelerates quickly. The police cruiser, designed like a Ford Crown Victoria, has good acceleration but poor suspension in "Grand Theft Auto IV."

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