How Do You Get Carrots in "Minecraft"?


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Obtain carrots in the PC version of Minecraft by raiding village farms or killing zombies, then plant any carrots in the ground to farm them. Carrots cause pigs to enter "love mode" and create carrots on a stick for animals.

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  1. Find a village

    Locate a village with a farm. Destroy any carrots in the ground, and capture the crops to add them to your inventory for later planting. Regular crops on village farms include wheat and potatoes, but carrots appear less commonly.

  2. Kill zombies

    When you kill a zombie, it may drop a carrot upon its demise. Gather the carrot, and save it to plant in your field of crops.

  3. Plant carrots as soon as possible

    Obtain even more carrots by planting them in dirt blocks. Plant them as soon as possible, since carrots are rare and you may lose the ones in your inventory if your character dies. Use a hoe to prepare a dirt block or grass block, have a water block within four blocks of the tilled land, and place the carrot in the ground.

  4. Harvest your crops

    Dig fully grown carrots with a hoe, and collect your harvest a few hours after planting. One carrot in the ground produces three or four more upon harvesting, so keep a few back in storage while you plant more to increase your inventory. Let pigs breed by feeding carrots to two of the creatures.

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