How Do You Care for Your American Girl Doll's Hair?


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The American Girl sparkly hair pick and doll hairbrush are the best tools to use when brushing an American Girl doll's hair for the first time. The American Girl website provides instructional videos on how to style dolls' hair into various fashions, including ponytails and curls.

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Doll owners should lightly mist the doll's hair with water before any styling or brushing. Avoid letting this water contact the doll's eyes to prevent rusting. Gels, mousses or hair sprays should not be used on American Girl dolls because the products can damage the synthetic hair. American Girl doll hair can be styled without these products with the use of water.

When drying a doll's hair, don't use blow driers or other hot tools such as curling irons and hot rollers. Applying strong heat to the doll's hair can create frizz or stiffening, or it can melt the doll's hair together.To braid the doll's hair, dampen the hair before braiding and let the plait dry while still moist to control loose ends and keep the style tight. Doing this can lead to a permanent wave if the plait is left in too long, so style the hair straight occasionally to keep it healthy.

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