What Is the Cardinal Industries Mexican Train Domino Game About?


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Mexican train is a rules variation for the game of dominoes. It can be played with the dominoes made by Cardinal Industries or any other manufacturer.

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The game is played using a double-12 set of dominoes, and it can be played by up to eight players at a time. The goal is to play every domino before the other players can play theirs.

The player with the double-12 goes first. Everyone builds off this first domino (called the "station"). Each player forms a "train" by matching a domino from the pool to the end of the line of dominoes. On the first turn, a player can play as many dominoes as desired, as long as they line up in a valid manner; on subsequent turns, players can play only one. If any player is unable to play a domino on his own train, it becomes available for all players to play on.

Those who play a double must play another domino. However, if a player is unable to play on the double, the next player has to play on the double. This is called "satisfying" the double, and it must be done before any tiles can be played anywhere else. If a player is unable to play a domino, that person must draw one from the pool.

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