What Card Games Need Only Two Players?

Two-player card games include beggar my neighbor, casino, double solitaire, gin rummy and pinochle. Tuxedo, pitty pat, noddy, seven bridge and war also work with two players.

Beggar my neighbor is a popular children's game also enjoyed by adults. The deck is shuffled and divided in half between the players. Each player takes turns laying a card from his own stack onto a center pile until a face card or "pay card" is turned up. When the pay card is played, the other player lays down one card if it's a jack, two for a queen, three for a king or four for an ace. After the cards are paid to the pile, the player who played the pay card takes the pile and adds it to the bottom of his stack.

If the player paying the pile turns up a pay card, the payment is cancelled and the other player must pay the pile. The player who runs out of cards first loses the game.

War begins similarly by dividing a deck of 52 cards in half and giving each player a stack. Each player lays down a card, and the player with the highest card takes both and adds them to the bottom of his stack.

If cards are played with the same value, there is a war. Each player plays a second card facedown and a third face up. The player whose third card has the highest value takes all six cards. If the cards are the same again, the process repeats. The player who runs out of cards first loses the game.