What Card Games Can You Play With Spanish Playing Cards?

Card games playable with a 40-card deck of Spanish playing cards include Tute, Escoba, Cuarenta, Pocha and Conquian, an ancestor of all rummy games. Card games playable with a 48-card deck of Spanish playing cards include Aluette, Botiffara and Chinchón, which is also playable with a 40-card deck.

Popular in Spain, Chile and Argentina, Escoba starts with each of the two to four possible players receiving three cards face down from the dealer, and the dealer placing four cards face up in the center. The player to the right of the dealer takes the first turn. The object of the game is to capture the cards on the table, which is possible when a player plays a card in his hand that adds up to exactly 15 with any of the cards on the table. For example, if there is a Sota, which is worth eight points; Rey, which is worth 10; two; and four card on the table, and the player uses the five card in his hand, he can capture the Sota and the two, or the Rey card. If he cannot make a move, he leaves one of his cards face up on the table.

An escoba occurs when a player captures all the cards on the table. When everyone is out of cards, the dealer gives each player three more cards, and the game continues until the deck is gone. The player who last captured takes any cards left on the table when the deck is gone. Each player tallies his score, then all the cards are placed back in the deck and shuffled and the next person deals for a new round.