What Is the Card Game Golf?

The card game Golf is a game for two or more players in which the objective is to score as little as possible. Each player has a layout of cards, arranged in a square or a rectangle. Scores are improved by replacing unwanted cards and discarding them. Each deal is considered equivalent to a hole in golf, and many players player either nine or 18 rounds, similar to the true game of golf.

To play, each player has four or six cards placed face down in front of them. Cards can then be replaced by new cards drawn from the stock or the discard pile. With each turn, the player can choose to replace a card or knock, which ends play. In some variations, replaced cards are put face up on the table and play ends when all of the dealt cards in front of a player are face up.

For scoring, points are equal to the card values from one through ten, with the ace being one. Face cards are worth ten each, except for the king, which equals zero. The player with the lowest cumulative score after nine or 18 rounds, depending on chosen length of play, is the winner.