What Are Some Car Games on Cool Math?

Some car games on Coolmath are the "Wheely" games, "Jelly Truck," "Parking Panic," "Crazy Taxi M-12" and "Car Ferry." These games appear on the Start Your Engines playlist in Coolmath's games section at Coolmath-Games.com.

In the first three "Wheely" games, players solve puzzles by pushing buttons, flipping switches and cranking cranks in order to proceed to the next level. In "Wheely 4," the title character gets sent back in time, and players must solve puzzles to help Wheely back home. "Jelly Truck" is a straight-forward racing game. In "Parking Panic," players move cars out of the way in a crowded parking lot in order to reach the exit. "Crazy Taxi M-12" is a math-based game in which players use multiplication knowledge to win.

On Coolmath-Games.com, there is a playlist called "Start Your Engines" where one can choose from a variety of different games all involving cars. There are even different vehicles to play as such as a truck or a police cruiser. Some games involve dodging obstacles in vehicles and some games like Wheely require solving puzzles and finding hidden objects to move on to the next level.