What Are Some of the Car Games That Can Be Played on Y8?


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Car games on Y8.com include “Stunt Master” and “Highway of the Dead.” Players control each game with a computer keyboard, using the arrow buttons to steer their cars. In “Stunt Master,” the turbo boost is mapped to the Space bar, and in “Highway of the Dead,” it's the X key.

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In “Stunt Master,” players take control of a stunt man on the set of a big Hollywood movie. As players attempt to reach the end of the stage, the game tasks them with breaking as many objects in the way as possible. At the end of the stage, players receive a score based on how much property damage they caused, how many bones they broke performing the stunt and how much air time they achieved. There are 20 stages for players to try, and some of them allow players to use other vehicles, such as motorcycles.

In “Highway of the Dead,” players find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak and must reach the next safe point before a nuke destroys the town. To do this, they have to use the boost to travel down the highway as fast as possible without hitting anything. They can refill the boost meter and earn money by running over zombies along the way. Gamers use the money that they earn at the end of every stage to upgrade their cars or to buy new ones.

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