What Are Some Car Games You Can Play Online?


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Some car games available to play online include "Madman Racing," "Supercar Road Trip" and "Dream Car Racing." Players can find all of these games available to play for free online at AddictingGames.com

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"Madman Racing" offers many levels to play, and before each level begins the player buys a new vehicle to race in the current round. The vehicles range from trashcans and small cars to baby carriages and other unusual cars. During the race, the player faces many challenges, such as obstacles in the road, jumps to perform and other drivers to contend with along the way to the finish line. In the background, players hear the sounds of police sirens chasing the racers.

"Supercar Road Trip" provides the players with several different types of fast cars and levels of play. The beginning level offers a race with seven other players through the woods. Players must beat other racers to advance and earn money to unlock and buy faster cars. Each place in the race receives a certain cash prize, but the higher the player ranks, the more cash is awarded.

"Dream Car Racing" lets the players build their own cars before heading out on to the racetrack. The players gather up coins as they go up and down hills. The players occasionally need to tweak their cars to gain enough speed to get up the hills and avoid obstacles.

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